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The Malta Polo Club,
Marsa Sports Ground,

Opening Hours:

October to June:
Monday to Saturday
Open for dinner
Friday to Monday:
Also open for lunch

July to September:
Monday to Saturday
Open for dinner
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Take Out

We don’t mind you having a Chukkas experience without us, so why not order your favorite meat cut which can be collected from Chukkas for home leisurely cooking.

We also have a vast selection of exquisite starters and fresh homemade desserts. Being chukkas we’re available on the day everyday to prepare your take out cut of meat and yes we’re also referring to your last minute Sunday barbeques! 

Malta meat

Starters - POR

Parmeggiana  -    A tower of aubergine, mozzarella and tomato, topped with parmesan and oven baked.
Baked Pasta -    Shell pasta filled with ricotta and spinach, topped with tomato sauce and parmesan.
Stuffed Bell Peppers -    Sweet peppers stuffed with rice, capers tuna and sundried tomatoes.
Feta Cakes ‘pulpetti’ -   Feta cheese, spring onions and potatoes and oven baked
Aubergines Wraps -    Ricotta, rice, goat’s cheese wrapped in an aubergine leaf and oven baked
Stuffed Onions -    Pine nuts, sun dried tomatoes, goat’s cheese and breadcrumbs

Main Menu - POR per kilo

Beef Fillet -  Prime tenderloin
Beef Rib eye - Selected Argentinean Beef
Beef Rib eye bone - Irish Angus Beef
Beef Rump -  USDA Beef
Beef T-Bone - Fresh Charolais Beef part Sirloin part Fillet
Beef Short Ribs - Chunks of USDA beef ribs
Veal T-Bone -  Fresh Dutch part sirloin part fillet
Veal Rump -  Fresh Dutch Veal.
Veal Milanese - Thinly cut fresh veal rump in bread crumbs.

Desserts - POR

Banoffee Pie
Crème Brule
Ricotta, twix and cookie cheese cake
Chocolate Mousse
Panna Cotta
Toffee Pudding
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